Introduction to Defensive Handgun


 You got your Concealed Carry Permit, but have you trained enough to feel prepared to defend your life or the life of your loved ones?  ​It's time to get serious about protecting yourself & your family. 

​Items needed: for class ​Your concealed carry handgun & a strong-side holster (no shoulder or cross draw holsters) & a sturdy belt ​Ladies who carry in a purse should also bring your concealed carry purse ​At least 300-rounds of ammunition ​At least 2-magaines (more if you have them) & a magazine carrier ​A billed cap, sturdy shoes or boots & a cover garment (button up or zipper shirt or jacket) Eye & ear protection ​a lawn chair & a sack lunch ​Cash or credit/debit card ​Personal checks must be submitted early enough to clear your bank prior to class.

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​Student Testimonial from Dec 2017 incident near Romeoville, IL

 Just wanted to let you know that your training saved my dad from getting  his car stolen and possibly getting hurt. He was walking to his car in  the Wal-Mart parking lot which he parks out away from other cars so  nobody parks next to him. As he was putting his stuff into his car he  noticed someone walking up behind him. He also noticed another guy back  behind the first guy watching. As there were no other cars around my dad  he knew he was coming for him. My dad slowly started to lift up his  shirt and the guy walking towards my dad immediately turned around and  walked away which proved that he was coming for my dad. Your training on  staying aware of your surroundings saved him. 
Thanks again,