Dedicated Instructor

I am willing to work with you to schedule a class.  I can hold classes on weekdays or weekends.  If you have at least 4-other people I can schedule a class just for your group, even if I have to split it up over non-consecutive days.

Please contact me if you are interested.  


Supply list for class


- eye & ear protection 

- FOID card or a print out of the status of your FOID application 

- IL driver license or state ID

-  firearm, only if you have one you're confident with, I have guns  available if you need to borrow one, bring the firearm both days

-  your carry system, i.e.: holster & belt, purse, bag, etc., only if  you already have one, I have holsters for my loaner guns but you will  still need a good, sturdy belt

- cash or credit/debit card preferred for payment, personal check must clear prior to obtaining your certificate

- Pre-payment with personal checks that clear the bank prior to your class attendance

- No ammunition allowed in the class room, you will only need ammunition for the qualification

-  Please bring a billed (baseball) cap, wear long pants & boots or  tennis shoes (no open-toed shoes or sandals) for the qualification


Class price list:


16-hour Illinois Concealed Cary Class - $150.00 per person, Couples - $250.00 when attending the same class.

·          NRA Basic Pistol - $150.00 per person, $250.00 per couple, $200.00 for a  parent & child (12 – 17 years-old), complete this class prior to  attending one of my Conceal Carry classes & receive a  $50.00  discount toward the Concealed Carry class.

·         NRA Personal Protection in the Home - $150.00 per person, $250.00 per couple

          NRA Home Firearm Safety - $50.00 per person, $80.00 per couple, Children 12 – 17 years-old   free.

         6-hour, Basic  Pistol Marksmanship - $50.00 per person,   For those  new shooters who purchased a firearm or are considering a firearm  purchase & want to know how to properly shoot,  operate, break down,  clean, maintain & care for a handgun.