Chapman Firearms Instruction IL Concealed Carry Class



  • Served the Shorewood Police Department for 24-years
  • Obtained IL State Master Firearms Instructor certification in 1998
  • Served as a Firearms Instructor for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy from 2000 to present
  • Hold NRA Instructor certifications for Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home & Home Firearm Safety
  • IL State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
  • IL State Certified Rifle/Carbine  Instructor


  • This is not a "Boot Camp" style training.  I conduct the classes in an adult-learning style.  
  • I specialize in teaching new shooters, elderly or some handicapped students.
  • Don't have a firearm yet?  Don't worry, I have guns you can use to qualify with.
  • Please  wait until I meet with you prior to purchasing a firearm.  I would like  to discuss what to look for in a firearm & how to know if a  particular gun is right for you.

 Once you complete the IL Concealed Carry class you must complete the  on-line application & submit the $150.00 application fee to the  State of IL at 


​Did you successfully complete your IL Concealed  Carry Class?  Upon completion did you ask yourself, "Now what?"  Do you  feel prepared to actually defend yourself in a real life & death  conflict that escalates to a deadly force situation?  Have you found  affordable training to prepare you for such an event?  Would you like to  feel more confident in your handgun skills & deadly force decision  making skills?  

     Please do not feel alone.  I have students ask me these questions after every I Concealed Carry class.  Attend the Introduction to Defensive Handgun class.   This class introduces new Concealed Carry Permit holders to some gun  handling & shooting skills you can practice to better prepare  yourself & build confidence in your ability to protect yourself  & your loved ones.  Please contact me if interested at,